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Hello! My name is Fredrick C. Williams, and I am a licensed REALTOR in Texas. I am also a
Geriatric Care Advisor. I had a father who fought in World War II; and I was raised with my
grandmother in our home. These are just two examples of why I have a love and compassion for
people, especially seniors. My mother and grandmother were both nurses; and my mother received
her Texas Real Estate license in 1986. I began a career in the Financial Sector of Healthcare in
1995. My grandmother passed in 2004 of Parkinson's Disease; and that is when I began to focus on
helping those in our aging population and their families; and entered into Hospice & Home Health. In
2008 I made a transition in the same industry; in order to expand my knowledge of geriatric care and
turned my focus toward Memory Care Assisted Living.
I took a sabbatical from Healthcare; and I followed in my mother’s footsteps and became a licensed
REALTOR in 2012. At that time, I had over 15 years of Healthcare experience and I realized that it
was imperative to put that knowledge to good use. Since then, I have created a Continued Education
Course approved by the Texas Real Estate Commission; which, is designed to teach real estate
agents and investors the details about Residential Assisted Livings.
I conduct approximately 60% Commercial Real Estate & 40% Residential Real Estate transactions
each year. I possess over 25 years of health care experience (Hospice, Home Health, Dementia
Care, Assisted Living & Specialty Pharmaceuticals), coupled w/ 12 years of real estate. Buyer Clients
are comfortable knowing they can trust the information that I am delivering is Knowledgeable, Legal
and Ethical. Seller Clients, that have spent years building their businesses, trust me to handle the
Listing, Marketing and ultimately Selling the products that they have worked hard to build.
If you would like to learn more about how to do the following:
*Sell your Residential or Commercial Assisted Living Business
*Buy an operating Residential or Commercial Assisted Living Business
*Consultations on How to Start a Group Home Business
*Sell your Personal Residential Property
*Buy or Lease Commercial Property
Please feel welcome and reach out at 214-551-2875
Remember... "We were all put on Earth to serve one another; and to go above and beyond the call of
duty… especially when we don’t feel like it." FCW

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